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ANCIENT RARE 100% Authentic Medieval Iron KNIFE ca 16 - 17 century AD

Item description Material: iron, bone handle, copper alloy. 100% authentic item 16-..

Ex Tax: $240.00

Genuine AD200 Roman Hungary Bronze Ring Size 8 Antique 18thC 2½ct+ Amethyst

Very Elegant and Bold Size 8 Genuine Ancient Roman Bronze Ring 200 A.D. CLASSIFICATION: Ancient Rom..

Ex Tax: $219.99

key cutter and motor

antique key machine with blank keys and electric motor from same era. ..

Ex Tax: $0.00

Medieval Details of Iron Comb for Linen or Wool Tool 13-15 AD Kievan Rus

 Medieval Details of Iron Comb for Linen or Wool Tool 13-15 AD Kievan Rus Found in Ukraine;Weight 1...

Ex Tax: $0.00



Ex Tax: $13.50

(0531) Roman Micro Mosaic, second half of 19th century

A very beautiful roman micro mosaic, big size, depicting a pastoral scene. Probably inspired to the ..

Ex Tax: $8,000.00

(0729) Tamil Nadu Earrings, 22k Gold - Rubis - Basra Pearls

Exceptional pair of Tamil Nadu earrings, going back to the half of 19th century. Wonderful patina, a..

Ex Tax: $5,200.00

1774 Hungary 20 Kreuzer

Please see photo for condition..

Ex Tax: $0.00

188 Ancient Celtic silver earring

This item, just like all of my other ones, is genuine and from the period described. I do not sell r..

Ex Tax: $35.00

18k Gold Ring Mounting Superb Quality Chinese-Tibetan Antique Amber. (0610)

Beautiful ring made mounting an extraordinary antique chinese - tibetan amber in a modern 18k Gold s..

Ex Tax: $5,380.00

18thC Antique 3ct Iolite Ancient Medieval Viking Norse Solar Navigational Aid

Antique Genuine Natural Russian Three Carat Handcrafted Violet-Blue Iolite Semi-Precious Gemstone. ..

Ex Tax: $189.99

19 Century Green Custard Opaque Lustre Portrait Arrowhead Prism Ball Drops 14.5"

19th Century Green Custard Opaque Lustre Portrait Arrowhead Prism Ball Drops 14.5".   This is an ama..

Ex Tax: $0.00

1927 China Memento Silver Dollar ANACS AU 50 Details

Please check pictures for your reference. Hot item.Ship after payment received in 1 business day thr..

Ex Tax: $0.00

19thC Antique 1/3ct Siberian Emerald Gemstone Nero’s Favorite

Very Good Quality Handcrafted Nineteenth Century Antique Genuine Natural Siberian One-Third Carat “O..

Ex Tax: $169.99

19thC Antique 17ct Lavender Chalcedony Stone Babylonian Warrior Lover Talisman

Antique 19th Century Genuine Natural Seventeen Carat (Plus) Hand Crafted/Polished Russian Lavender C..

Ex Tax: $79.99

19thC Antique 1ct Burma Peridot Ancient Egypt Red Sea St. John Island Gem 3000BC

Antique Genuine Natural Burmese Lime Green Peridot Hand Cut, Hand Faceted Three-Quarter Carat Briole..

Ex Tax: $59.99

19thC Antique 1ct+ Topaz Magic Anti-Evil Gem of Bronze Age Egyptian Sun God Ra

Two Antique Genuine Natural Russian Half Carat White Topaz Faceted Pear Semi-Precious Gemstones. CL..

Ex Tax: $39.99
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